We at Debt Help Financial Services (DHFS), are proud to be honest and transparent. We are no-nonsense service providers, independent of any associations to the financial giants, in order that we may guarantee our dedication to the consumer and no-one else.” Roy W. Henderson (Founder, DHFS).

Debt Help Financial Services (DHFS) exists to assist South African consumers to lift themselves out of financial stress and look towards healthy long-term planning and wealth. We do this by educating you through FREE Financial Wellness Workshops which we offer throughout the country, developing your understanding of financial mechanisms and banking and insurance practices. This will empower you to make more responsible decisions for yourself rather than allowing profiteering creditors to you into irresponsible spending. Debt Review or Debt Counselling is misunderstood. It is not Administration or black listing. DHFS will help you to get your finances under control to actually help you save and build your long term financial fitness and wealth.

If you think you are over-indebted or need informal debt mediation with your creditors, Book a FREE consultation now - call us or SMS us and we will call you:

0861 877 977 (National) or 082 728 7849 (24 hours)


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As hard as it is to change the habit of a lifetime, NOW is the time to face up to reality and make sure that all your Festive Seasons ahead of you are filled with cheer and peace without the dread of the mail man delivering all those bills in the New Year. A home that doesn’t have the stress of creditors knocking on the door, is a stress free happy home.

This is YOUR gift to YOU, your family and their family.

Visit our website for more information : http://www.dhfs.co.za/